Connect are customer experience specialists that love to challenge what is generally accepted, with a strong focus on customer care, client brand awareness and user experience.



We provide essential information to your customers, through a variety of integrated platforms, to make sure your message resonates. Nothing makes this happen better than through our staff. We believe in providing a customer service experience so personal, and in-tune with your brand, that it will enable the building of customer relationships that last a lifetime.

on the WEB

Our comprehensive suite of technical services play a huge part in shaping your brand’s online image – which is increasingly important in this digital age. Through intuitive development we make sure your online platforms are clean, powerful and personal – allowing us to manage your customer service campaigns, increase customer communication channels and, in turn, increase your ROI.



Connect are passionate about creating a consistent, flawless, brand-led customer service experience across all platforms. This means we will take the time to get to know your mobile audience members, interact with them, provide outstanding content, and analyse them until we have that seamless, customised experience they need.

Our Multi-Channel services ensure you connect to your audience


At Connect we believe that customer engagement and communication strategies work when integration is seamless. Our aim is for all of our key technology platforms to be integrated with yours to provide a harmonious, single point of contact for your customers. We want your message to be accessible to your audience at all touch points so that your customers don’t miss the crucial information that matters to them.




  • Multi-channel Contact Centre: Our solutions provide an immersive, integrated customer experience that combine all of the channels your customers require.

  • Inbound & Outbound Customer Engagement: Our fully-trained contact centre staff are equipped and prepared for any situation, no matter how sensitive.

  • Digital Services & System Integration: Our development experts can discover exactly how to make your customers lives easier with just a click.


  • Response Fulfilment: Efficiently managing integrated campaigns means being organised – especially when it comes to information management.

  • Online Web-chat: Interact with your audience at all touch points – web-chat is perfect for building those vital relationships

  • Automated SMS and Notification Updates: Accessibility is crucial to your message – SMS and mobile notifications put your information right in your customers pockets.

Providing the Perfect Solution


At Connect we are aware that a positive experience for your customer is a positive experience for you - and fully integrated services are all part of this. Right from the introduction of our customer focussed services, we will help your customers easily access the information they need. Our API experience means we can show you exactly how your software components should interact with each other to provide this seamless journey.




Whether you want to integrate internal stock systems, payment solutions or data extraction services, our expertise means you’ll have an ideal end-to-end infrastructure to transfer vital data and join up your legacy systems - without any of the stress that’s normally expected to come with this transition.

Our team can provide:

  • Data analysis, data consolidation and data standardisation

  • Preparation of migration plan and data for transformation

  • Development of intermediary systems for data transfer

  • Integration of a new system with existing data

  • Data extraction, transformation and migration to a new system


Stress-free Transition

We know that considering the integration of your established systems and a 3rd party supplier can be a daunting and budget-worrying prospect for businesses – Connect aim to completely remove that stress. Our solid infrastructures really do provide you with a seamless experience which appeals to the masses, in the most cost-effective way possible.

Cloud-hosted solutions

Having worked with organisations dealing with sensitive information in the past, Connect know that the security of your business information is imperative. That’s why our cloud-hosted infrastructures are the right choice for you - perfect for transferring data, and joining up those third party applications in the most secure way we can.

We build our service around your commercial objectives


Through comprehensive reporting we help you to measure the success of Connect and your ROI. The constant monitoring and analysis of our integrated strategies is the key to our mutual success. Connect will keep optimising our services to you based on customer feedback and reaction.




Connect strategic Goals:

  • To be the best multi-channel service provider of integrated customer engagement solutions in the UK

  • Specialise in managing and providing information for the benefit of our clients and their customers

  • Create profitable business partnerships

  • Help our clients help their customers

  • Deliver seamless, integrated, multi-channel communications

  • Provide brand-led, multi-channel advice and guidance for our clients

  • Engage, connect and communicate