Our highly trained staff are prepared for any situation, no matter how sensitive


At Connect our main aim is to make your customer’s lives easier - which is why we provide outstanding customer experiences at every opportunity. We know that life is fast-paced, and people need a convenient way to gain access to your information. That is where we come in – we truly care about making your customer experiences personal.

  • Information, advice, guidance and emotional support

  • Appointment booking services

  • Enquiry lines

  • Report-taking services

  • Reception services

  • Integrated communications experiences

  • Market intelligence and data collection/analysis

  • Forecast and resource planning


Your Users Are in Safe Hands

Our proactive, experienced and qualified advisers know exactly how to provide information, support and counselling in even the most sensitive of situations. Connect have passed on our expertise based on years of experience in the public benefit and private sectors - so that our staff are prepared for anything. We truly believe we can help you to provide first-class customer care.

Round the Clock Support

Connect can offer flexibility to ensure your customers can access support and services at a time that suits them. We currently operate from 8am to 10pm - seven days a week - providing bespoke options to meet your customers’ needs.


A Positive, Welcoming Impression

Our teams are trained to anticipate, respond and react to a diverse range of situations - because we want to provide communication solutions that your customers treasure. By interacting with them in the way that suits them most, we make sure that our guidance results in your growth - as we build those personal relationships that makes your audience come back for more.

Crafting the Right Answer for You

Connect believe that it’s our social responsibility to assist companies in their quest to help people, so we’ll sit down with you to identify exactly what your contact centre needs are. We know accommodating high-quality customer care within your operating, marketing and planning expenses can be a challenge - so let us find the right solution for you, within your budget.

Interacting with your customers at all the touch points


There’s nothing like old-school manners - but combining them with digital really does give you that optimum solution. Web chat provides your audience with a truly accessible, safe way to get your help at a time which is most convenient to them. It benefits you too - our fully trained staff provide real-time customer engagement which directs users to your end goals.

  • No requirement to provide personal details

  • Removes fear that their question is irrelevant

  • Safeguards customers

  • Flexible service times

  • Customer control of conversation

  • Customer can leave the session at any time

  • Offers alternative access

  • Removes fear of commitment to future service


Instant Navigational Help

Does your site require people to complete forms or surveys? Connect can assist your users throughout this process. In fact, we’ll just be there to support them through their whole journey on your website - to ensure they get the information they need. We reduce site abandonment, ease customer frustration and essentially boost your ROI.

Non-Intrusive, Helpful Guidance

Users can be hesitant to contact organisations if they feel their question could be considered ‘silly’ or result in commitment to other services. Web-chat removes this anxiety. It can be totally anonymous - we won’t ask for personal details if you don’t need them. We’re simply there to help, point them in the right direction, and leave them with a positive impression.


Collaborating With Your Users

Sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes. That’s why we have co-browsing capabilities which allow us to view your users’ screens - to assist them in completing tasks. Live chat ensures that Connect can send your users to the very page that they need, making their lives easier and ensuring your guidance is seen.

Incredible Customer Insights

The more your audience members talk to us, the more we learn about them - which can only be of benefit to your business. Connect can turn these real-time insights into actionable plans for your website and communication platforms, to reduce customer confusion and ensure that your message gets to them in the most efficient way.

Your powerful message needs to be seen – and we’ll make it personal


Our comprehensive suite of Digital Services play a huge part in shaping your Customer Service profile and your brand’s online image – which is increasingly important in this digital age. Through intuitive development Connect can make sure your online platforms are clean, powerful and personal – allowing us to manage and develop customised campaigns, increase customer communication channels and, in turn, increase your ROI.




  • Mobile App Development: Mobile apps put you right in the customers’ hands - where you should be. Smartphones give people access to vital, meaningful interaction right at their fingertips - developing a mobile app is developing your potential.

  • CRM & Data Integration: Formulating a unique customer experience strategy that complements you - Connect have the ability to transform large amounts of web data into insightful information that shapes your customer relationships.

  • System Integration: We aim to provide you with a seamless, multi-channel experience across the platforms. Considering online changes can create worry for online organisations, but we have the system integration skills to take that anxiety away.


  • Accessibility: We are committed to providing key information for everyone, in the most accessible way. Connect believes it’s our social responsibility to share vital messages, and we’ll remove any barriers that get in the way.

  • Responsive Website Development: Responsive mobile website design means embracing a whole new branch of customer reach. Your information needs to be accessible from anywhere, and optimising your messages for mobile is at the heart of these efforts.

  • CMS Development: Take our expert advice and discover the optimum content management system for you. We offer well-known names such as WordPress and Drupal, as well as custom CMS solutions to support your optimum security, SEO and speed.